Payment methods


You can place your orders by choosing either one of the below payment methods:

  1. Credit Card / Debit Card / Prepaid Card You can make purchases through the e-shop using credit cards, as well as debit and prepaid cards. Moreover, you can set non interest-bearing installments (up to 10 non interest-bearing instalments) for orders to be delivered within Greece, worth more than € 100. Your credit card will be charged after checking and certifying your details and the card’s validity. Transactions at our e-shop using cards are carried out through an independent bank and are protected by advanced online security systems, which guarantee a safe transactions environment.
  1. PayPal - Your transaction is carried out through PayPal’s secure website, using your account.
  1. Cash-on-delivery- Pay the corresponding value of the merchandise ordered upon delivery by the courier service with which we cooperate. The cash-on-delivery method of payment is only offered for orders to be delivered within Greece. Since 10/1/2019 by choosing cash on delvery the customer will be charged a fee of €1 for orders to be delivered within Greece.

The payment method must be chosen before the completion of your order and cannot be changed afterwards.

Phone orders can only be paid via the cash-on-delivery method.


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