Member Card

Frequently Asked Questions


1.     What is the MIGATO Member Card?

It is MIGATO's loyalty scheme, which rewards all MIGATO retail customers. It offers unique privileges and services, and rewards members for their purchases from MIGATO stores.


2.     What are the privileges offered to the MIGATO Member Card holders?
  • Earn 1 point for every €1 spent at MIGATO stores
  • When you reach 300 points, you will receive a €30 gift voucher for your next purchase.
  • Enjoy exclusive special offers, about which we will inform you at regular intervals.
  • Receive the MIGATO newsletter and be the first to find out about new arrivals and hot new trends.
  • Take part in competitions open to members only.
  • Attend fashion events and promotions.


3.     How can I get my own MIGATO Member Card?

In stores: Visit one of the MIGATO stores, fill in the membership form you will find at the tills and receive your MIGATO Member Card at the same moment.

At the e-shop: Create an account on (here) and fill in the form found in your account page, under the option “Apply for MIGATO Μember Card”. Your card will be delivered to you via Geniki Taxydromiki courier service at the address stated in the form.


4.     Do I have to pay in order to get a MIGATO Member Card?

The MIGATO Μember Card is provided completely free of charge.


5.     Can I have more than one MIGATO Member Card?

Each MIGATO Μember Card holder is unique and enjoys special privileges. For this reason, members cannot have more than one MIGATO Μember Card.

6.     Can my personal MIGATO Member Card be transferred to another person?

The MIGATO Μember Card is personal and cannot be transferred to any other person.


7.     How are points collected when I use my MIGATO Member Card?

By using their MIGATO Μember Card, members earn 1 point for every € 1 spent throughout the year.

After earning 300 points, members receive a € 30 gift voucher, which they can spend on their next purchases, even on the same day.


8.     How is the MIGATO Member Card used?

In stores: Present your MIGATO Member Card at the cashier before your purchase is completed. The cashier will scan it and add the points corresponding to your purchase to your account..

At the e-shop: Fill in your MIGATO Member Card number at the Check Out, in the “MIGATO Member Card Number” field that is under the shipping address details.


9.     At which MIGATO stores can I collect points from my purchases and  cash in my MIGATO Member Card gift voucher ?

You can collect points during your purchases on the online store and at all the MIGATO stores participating in the MIGATO Member Card programme:


  • ATHENS, 1 Ermou St., 10563, tel. (+30) 210-3220149
  • ATHENS, 34 Ermou St., 10563, tel. (+30) 210-3248006
  • ATHENS, 113 Patision St., 15351, tel. (+30) 211-0129168
  • AGIA PARASKEVI, 25 Agiou Ioannou St., 15342, tel. (+30) 210-608478
  • AGIOS IEROTHEOS, 8 Sikagou St., 12135, tel (+30) 210-5772328 
  • CHALANDRI, 15 Chaimanta St., 15234, tel. (+30) 210-6896210
  • EGALEO, 221 Ieras Odou, 12241, tel. (+30) 210-5912600
  • ELEFSINA, 33 Iroon Polytechniou St., 19200, tel. (+30) 210-5560255
  • GLYFADA, 39 Aggelou Metaxa St., 16674, tel. (+30) 210-8948515
  • ILION, 121 Nestoros St., 13122, tel. (+30) 210-2624110
  • KALLITHEA, 104 Leoforos Eleftheriou Venizelou St., 17672, tel. (+30) 210-9532530
  • KORYDALLOS, 65 Taksiarchon St., 18120, tel. (+30) 210-4976504
  • KOROPI, 134 Vasileos Konstantinou St. & 11 Ermi Sourlatzi St., 19400, tel. (+30) 210-6620494
  • MAROUSI, The Mall Athens, 35 Andrea Papandreou St., 15122, tel. (+30) 210-6179059
  • MAROUSI, Vassilissis Sofias, 53 Vasilissis Sofias St., 15124, tel. (+30) 210-8060823
  • MENIDI, 28 Parnithos St., 13673, tel. (+30) 210-2463539
  • NEA IONIA, 322 Irakliou Av., 14231, tel. (+30) 210-2778155
  • NEA SMYRNI, El. Venizelou, 215 Eleftheriou Venizelou St. & Lesvou St., 17123, tel. (+30) 210-9333988
  • NEA SMYRNI, K. Palaiologou, 5 Konstantinou Paleologou St., 17121, tel. (+30) 210-9373680
  • PEIRAIAS, Vassileos Georgiou B' Av., Vasileos Georgiou B' Av. & 132 Ypsilantou St., 18535, tel. (+30) 210-4133655
  • PERISTERI, 18, Thoukydidou St. & Ithomis St., 12134, tel. (+30) 211-0129795
  • SMART PARK, Spata, 19004, tel. (+330) 210-6635950


  • THESSALONIKI, 25 Tsimiski St. & 18 Komninon St., 54624, tel. (+30) 2310-250716
  • THESSALONIKI, 65 Tsimiski St. & 15 Agias Sofias St., 54624, tel. (+30) 2310-281702
  • THESSALONIKI, Egnatias, 64 Egnatias St., 54624, tel. (+30) 2310-283627
  • THESSALONIKI, Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessalonikis/Moudanion National Road, 55535, tel. (+30) 2310-475304


  • AGRINIO, 4 Kyprou St., 30100, tel. (+30) 26410-32200
  • AIGIO, 3 Zaimi St., 25100, tel. (+30) 26910-60320
  • ARGOS, 15 Vasileos Konstantinou St., 21200, tel. (+30) 27510-29595
  • ARTA, 141-143 Skoufa St., 47100, tel. (+30) 26810-21536
  • CHALKIDA, 52 Avanton St., 34132, tel. (+30) 22210-77260
  • CHANIA, 4 Andrea Papandreou St., 73132, tel. (+30) 28210-52486
  • EDESSA, 8 Aristotelous St., 58200, tel. (+30) 23810-21586
  • IGOUMENITSA, 16 Kyprou St., 46100, tel. (+30) 26650-27673
  • IOANNINA, 7 Charilaou Trikoupi St. & 28th Oktovriou St., 45444, tel. (+30) 26510-75017
  • IRAKLEIO, 35 Daidalou St. & Kouriton St., 71202, tel. (+30) 2810-226119
  • KALAMATA, 79 Aristomenous St. & Vasilissis Sofias St., 24131, tel. (+30) 2721-94570
  • KARDITSA, 4 Ipsilantou St. & Megalou Alexandrou St., 43100, tel. (+30) 24410-71007
  • KASTORIA, 2 Ptolemeou St., 52100, tel. (+30) 24670-29277
  • KATERINI, 12 Megalou Alexandrou St., 60133, tel. (+30) 23510-47780
  • KAVALA, 25 Megalou Alexandrou St., 65302, tel. (+30) 2510-223598
  • KILKIS, 149 21is Iouniou St., 61400, tel. (+30) 23410-75268
  • KORINTHOS, 13 Ethnikis Antistaseos St., 20131, tel. (+30) 27410-81580
  • KOS, 10 Eleftheriou Venizelou St., 85300, tel. (+30) 22420-24010
  • KOZANI, 1 Dimitriou Pagouni St. & Eleftheriou Venizelou St., 50100, tel. (+30) 24610-26152
  • LAMIA, 19 Riga Fereou St., 35100, tel. (+30) 22310-52672
  • LARISA, 13 Asklipiou St., 41222, tel. (+30) 2410-250701
  • MESOLOGGI, 5 Lordou Vyrona St., 30200, tel. (+30) 26310-26835
  • MITILINI, 33 Ermou St., 81100, tel. (+30) 22510-54994
  • NAFPAKTOS, 14 Athinon St., 30300, tel. (+30) 26340-29370
  • PATRA, 127 Mezonos St., 26221, tel. (+30) 2610-621080
  • PREVEZA, 36 Ethnikis Antistaseos St., 48100, tel. (+30) 26820-28688
  • PTOLEMAIDA, 18 Pontou St., 50200, tel. (+30) 24630-80717
  • PYRGOS, 20 28is Octovriou St., 27100, tel. (+30) 26210-27417
  • RETHYMNO, 197Arkadiou St., 74100, tel. (+30) 28310-58965
  • RHODES, 31 Ethnarchou Makariou St., 85100, tel. (+30) 22410-74441
  • SERRES, 4 Ermou St., 62124, tel. (+30) 23210-56870
  • THIVA, 37 Epaminonda St. & Mantinias, 32200, tel. (+30) 22620-89527
  • TRIKALA, 8 Vyronos St., 42100, tel. (+30) 24310-79291
  • TRIPOLI, 14 Isaac Solomou St. , 22100, tel. (+30) 2710-225169
  • VOLOS, 137 Ermou St., 38221, tel. (+30) 24210-29114

The MIGATO stores not participating in the MIGATO Member Card programme:

  • ATTICA, 9 Panepistimiou St, 10671
  • ΝΟΤΟS GALLERIES, Stadiou & Eolou St, 10551
  • AMFIALI, 36 Panagi Tsaldari St, 18757
  • ALIMOS, 36 Thoukydidou St, 17455
  • LOUTSA, 38 Artemidos Av, 19016   
  • PALLINI, 61 Marathonos Av, 15351  
  • TERPSITHEA, 45, Georgoiou Gennimata St, 16562
  • THESSALONIKI AMBELOKIPI, 35 Ioannou Chalkidi St, 56121
  • THESSALONIKI TOUMBA, 159, Grigoriou Lambraki St, 54351
  • ALEXANDROUPOLI  34 14 Maiou St, 68100
  • NAFPAKTOS, 14 Athinon St, 30300
  • CHIOS, 11 Psychari 11 & Tselepi St, 82100
  • LIVADIA, 40 Georganta 40, 32100
  • KOMOTINI, 12-14, Parasiou St, 69132
  • AGII ANARGYRI, 10 Iroon Polytechniou St, 13581
  • AGIOU MARKOU, 10 Agiou Markou St, 10500
  • FACTORY OUTLET, Neo Faliro, 76, Athinon-Pireos Av, 18547
  • PAGKRATI, 45 Filolaou St, 11633
  • PIRAEUS, 74, Palamidiou St, 18545


10.  Do I receive points for my purchases during the sales?

You can collect points throughout the year, even during the sales or when the store is having special offers. However, you cannot cash in your points during those periods.


11.  Do my points expire after a certain period?

Points expire in 12 months from their acquisition date

For example, for purchases of €30 made on 16/5/2017, you earn 30 points, which will expire on 16/5/2018.

One month prior to the expiry of any points, members will receive a notification e-mail warning of the expiry (provided they have provided an e-mail address when registering.)


12.  Can I add points from past purchases when applying for my MIGATO Member Card?

Points are collected only for purchases completed using the MIGATO Member Card. It is not possible to add points retroactively for previous purchases and generally for purchases made without the MIGATO Member Card.


13.  I want to exchange an item bought from a MIGATO store and I had used my MIGATO Member Card during the transaction. Do I lose my points from the purchase in question?

In case of the return of a product, the corresponding points are deducted from your card. If you exchange the product with something else, the points corresponding to the new product’s value are added to your card.


14.  I would like to reserve an item by leaving an advance payment at the store. Will I receive points for the value of the advance payment?

Members do not receive points corresponding to the value of advance payments.

Points will be earned when the full value of the item is paid and the purchase transaction is completed, along with the issuing of the receipt.


15.  I have collected 300 points from purchases at MIGATO stores. How can I get my €30 bonus cheque?

In stores: The bonus cheque is issued automatically at the store till and handed over to members when they have collected 300 points.

At the e-shop: The gift voucher is issued when the order upon which you have reached 300 points is completed and you will find it inside your package, along with the receipt.

For example, when a member-customer has 280 active points and spends €30 at a physical store, they reach 310 points.

The member in question is entitled to a €30 gift voucher, which is handed over directly at the till, and has a remaining balance of 10 active points.


16.  How can I use my gift voucher?

The MIGATO Member Card gift voucher can be cashed in during any subsequent purchase within one year of its issue date, for purchases with a value of at least €1 higher than the value of the gift voucher. For example, a €30 gift voucher can be cashed in for purchases worth at least €31.


17.  I have received a gift voucher for points collected from purchases at MIGATO stores. Can I exchange it for cash?

The MIGATO Member Card gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.


18.  I have lost my gift voucher, can it be reissued?

The MIGATO Member Card gift voucher cannot be reissued in case of loss.


19.  Can I use my MIGATO Member Card on products that are on sale or on offer?

MIGATO Member Card gift vouchers cannot be used for products selling at a discount from their original retail price, like products that are on sale or on offer. However, points for such purchases will be added to your account.


20.  Can I cash in a MIGATO Member Card gift voucher partially?

It is not possible to cash in a MIGATO Member Card gift voucher partially. It must be cashed in in full on a single purchase.


21.  Can I cash in my MIGATO Member Card gift voucher at all MIGATO stores?

You can cash in your MIGATO Member Card gift voucher on the online store and at all the MIGATO stores participating in the MIGATO Member Card programme.

You can find the full list under question 9.

22.   Can I cash in more than 1 MIGATO Member Card gift voucher (from points collected) in a single transaction?

In stores: You can cash in more than 1 MIGATO Member Card gift voucher in a single transaction, provided all the gift vouchers are active.

At the e-shop: You can only cash in 1 MIGATO Member Card gift voucher in a single transaction.


23.  Can I make purchases at a physical store without presenting my actual card?

In stores: Yes, it is possible to make purchases and collect points without having the plastic MIGATO Member Card with you. Staff at the till will identify you with either your MIGATO Member Card number or mobile telephone number.

At the e-shop: You must enter your MIGATO Member Card number at the proper field during the check-out.


24.  I have a MIGATO Member Card. Is it possible to search for a receipt from a previous purchase?

It is not possible to search for or reissue receipts for in-store purchases. The original receipt is always required in order to return or exchange any items.


25.  What should I do if I lose my membership card?

Should you happen to lose your MIGATO Member Card, please inform us via email at, and we will send you a new membership card by post. The old membership card is cancelled automatically, and any points you might have had collected are transferred to the new card.


26.  I live abroad. Can I obtain a MIGATO Member Card?

Unfortunately only residents of Greece can have a MIGATO Member Card.


27.  How can I amend or correct my personal details?

Please refer to the staff at stores participating in the MIGATO Member Card programme in order to amend, correct or add any personal details.


28.  How can I find out how many points I have or how many points I collected during a recent purchase?

At the bottom of every purchase receipt you can see how many points you have collected on that particular purchase and your total so far.

For any question regarding your MIGATO Member Card, you can contact us via email on or call the MIGATO Customer Service at 210 9895400 on workdays 9:00-18:00 so we can help you with any issue you might be experiencing. Please keep your MIGATO Member Card number handy, so we can help you more efficiently.


29.  Can I cancel my MIGATO Member Card membership any time I want?

Yes, you retain the option to cancel your membership any time you wish and have all your personal data deleted. In order to do so, you can contact us via email on or call the MIGATO Customer Service at 210 9895400 on workdays 9:00-18:00

30.  Where can I find the MIGATO Member Card Terms and Conditions?

Read the terms and conditions of the MIGATO Member Card programme here



  1. The current terms describe -inter allia- the terms of use and conditions of participating in MIGATO LOVERS CLUB TERMS AND CONDITIONS & USE OF MIGATO MEMBER CARD. Whereas a reference is made in the term “the Company”, it shall mean either separately or/and jointly the Société Anonyme company trading under the name “MIGATO S.A - IMPORTS – EXPORTS SOCIETE ANONYME COMPANY OF FOOTWEAR AND LEATHER GOODS” (with the trading name “MIGATO S.A”) with a Trade Register Number of 121892901000 and a Tax Identification Number (T.I.N.) 094333920 of the Public Tax Office of Piraeus, having its principal operating office at Agios Dimitrios Attikis, 8 Monemvasias Street, as well as it’s subsidiary/related separate Société Anonyme Company trading under the name “TSIAO SOCIETE ANONYME COMPANY OF FOOTWEAR CLOTHES AND RELATED GOODS” (with the trading name “TSIAO”), with a Trade Register Number of 122190499000 and a Tax Identification Number (T.I.N.) of 095430730 of the Public Tax Office of Piraeus, having it’s principal operating Office at Agios Dimitrios Attikis, 8 Monemvasias Street, as well as any other legal entity related to the aforementioned Companies, that may established in the future.
  2. The Company reserves the right to issue either Physical Member Cards or / and (at its absolute discretion) a Digital ID Card. For the interpretation of these Terms, "MIGATO MEMBER CARD" shall mean both the Physical Card and / or the electronic ID password that the Company may provide to the participants.
  3. The Signing and submitting the application form of MIGATO LOVERS CLUB and MIGATO MEMBER CARD means that the applicant is aware of the following terms and accepts that they are regulating their rights and obligations as a member. Participation in MIGATO LOVERS CLUB and the possession and use of the Card imply the unconditional acceptance of all of the following terms.
  4. Each member of MIGATO LOVERS CLUB is entitled to receive and use the MIGATO MEMBER CARD and enjoy the privileges of the MIGATO LOVERS CLUB as identified by MIGATO SA (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and in accordance with the terms of participation in the MIGATO LOVERS CLUB, the terms of use of the Card, and the specific terms and conditions of any action made through the MIGATO LOVERS CLUB or MIGATO MEMBER CARD. The Company reserves the right to change the terms of participation, the reward program and the privileges of the MIGATO LOVERS CLUB and the MIGATO MEMBER CARD at its sole discretion, with a prior announcement on site or in the press or in written notices in the Company's branches or by any other appropriate means of disclosure. Members of MIGATO LOVERS CLUB should periodically visit the aforementioned web site to be informed of any modifications or to look for the current version of the terms at the Company's shops or affiliated companies.
  5. Participation in the MIGATO LOVERS CLUB, MIGATO MEMBER CARD along with all such privileges are personal, non-transferable and non-exchanged, not assigned, nor can they be requested to be replaced with other goods or cash. Any expenses required to receive the privileges (such as travel and / or subsistence costs etc.) are borne solely by the members of MIGATO LOVERS CLUB and by no means the Company.
  6. Any natural person above the age of eighteen (18) has the right to complete the relevant membership application. The application is completed and submitted to any retail store of Company's branches in Greece, participating in MIGATO LOVERS CLUB or in
  7. Members are required to inform the Company in written of any change in their information that they have given with their initial request to any branch of the Company or its affiliated companies, in accordance with the above procedure. The Company has no responsibility for the loss of privileges of the member due to failure to disclose the change of its details.
  8. The applicant becomes a member and is entitled to the relevant privileges upon receipt of the Card. The Card is not credit or debit Card. The Holder cannot proceed to monetary transactions, except to enjoy privileges, as they will be set by the Company for members of MIGATO LOVERS CLUB. Each Card is and remains property of the Company, and the owner is obliged to return it at its first demand, store it and maintain it in good condition and not transfer it in any way for re-use to another.
  9. MIGATO LOVERS CLUB members obtain different privileges (special prices, discounts, points, special offers, participation to special promotions and events etc.), which the Company is entitled, to modify, supplement, replace or abolish at its absolute discretion in any way. Members are informed by the Company by any appropriate means for the existing privileges such us (indicatively) brochures, email, or /and text messages, or/and through the website. The privileges are applicable and implemented from the activation of the membership card and purchases prior to that date do not count, even with the demonstration of the relevant purchase receipts. The Company does not bear any liability for inducement in taxation of privileges or gifts or any other costs incurred in connection with the privileges or gifts received by the member.
  10. The use of the Card (accumulation or redemption of points) is accepted only at the branches Company's network or its affiliated companies in Greece. The full list of the Company's stores and its affiliated companies in Greece where the Card can be used is posted on
  11. The term of validity of the Card is related with the duration of the participation in the MIGATO LOVERS CLUB; the term is indefinite and determined exclusively by the Company; The term isgoverned by these terms, that can be modified from time to time.
  12. The Company reserves the right to terminate at any time the operation of MIGATO LOVERS CLUB or to terminate the validity of the Card, subject to the notification of the members one month in advance (unless the dissolution is due to force majeure or judicial or administrative decision or Act) and taking into account the acquired privileges of the members from their participation; in any case the member acknowledges that it is a privileged program provided freely by the Company.
  13. The Company reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to delete a member of MIGATO LOVERS CLUB and to delete or cancel any privileges if that member does not comply with the terms of use of the Card or misuses the Card or defames the Company and / or perform other illegal acts against it.
  14. Each member has the right to submit to the Company at any time, a request for their exclusion from MIGATO LOVERS CLUB. From the time the request is handed over to the Company, the Card’s validity ceases and the member retains no claim for any accumulated privileges up to the time of deletion.
  15. In the event of a theft or loss of the Card, the member must declare it to the Company in order to avoid fraudulent use thereof and to be able to replace it. The Company does not bear any liability in case of loss of card and until such loss is disclosed.
  16. In case of loss, the member shall contact Company's Customer Service, declare in written (by email to the loss of the card and a new one will be send by post. The previous card be will automatically canceled and any active points on purchases will be transferred to the new Card.
  17. The Company reserves the right to deactivate inadvertently activated cards.
  18. By participating in MIGATO LOVERS CLUB each member consents to register his purchases in order to enjoy the privileges of his participation in the MIGATO LOVERS CLUB as well as for statistical reasons, given that this record enables the Company to “return” to its members even greater privileges.
  19. By participating in MIGATO LOVERS CLUB, each member agrees that his / her personal data to be processed by the Company, that will act  as a Data Controller, even by automated or non-automated means either by itself or by any other person appointed by the Company to perform the above-mentioned processing on behalf the Company’s and on their own behalf. The personal data of the participants will be used solely for these purposes: for organizing, operating and promoting the MIGATO LOVERS CLUB or the Card either by the Company or by the affiliated companies that the Company will appoint for processing;  for the purpose of informing future participants of the operation and privileges of MIGATO LOVERS CLUB; for the purpose of advertising and promote Company’s and its partners; activities, subject to the explicit consent of the participants as data subjects. In any case, the personal details of the participants will be processed and handled in accordance with the applicable national and European Participants will be entitled to proceed at any time and without charge to the confirmation, modification or deletion of their records kept under the terms of the applicable Law.
  20. In order to be informed about their points and for more information about MIGATO LOVERS CLUB, members can contact the Company at 210 9895400 or email
  21. PERSONAL DATA. The membership in MIGATO LOVERS CLUB requires the process of your personal data. The protection of your Personal Data is very important to us. Recently, we conducted a series of changes, reflecting the growing demands of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”) of the European Union. Our aim is to be as honest and transparent as possible regarding the personal data that we collect, as well as the means of processing of the said Data. Our Company understands and shares your concerns related to your personal data. You may read further about the Protection of you Personal Data at the Personal Data Privacy Statement posted on This Statement, describes the types of data which are subjected to Processing by our Company, the way the said data are processed, as well as the purpose of the said processing. Additionally, in this privacy statement, you can find information and details regarding your Personal Data processing related with specific offered services (e.g. Membership and Loyalty Cards) for which, additional and related information are offered.  The current privacy statement, governs every interaction with the Company. Personal data are described as the Data which can be used for the identification of a natural person.  When you will be asked to provide your personal data, you can refuse. However, some of our Services and Products require certain personal data, in order to respond and provide the product or the service. If you choose not to supply your Data which are necessary for the function and the provision of a product or service to you, you will not be able to use this specific product or service. Similarly, in case we are obliged to collect your personal data by law or for the purposes of concluding and performing a contract with you, and you do not provide your personal data, we will be unable to conclude and perform the contract.
  22. Furthermore, To provide our Services and Products we use – inter allia – the following companies which will process your Personal Data as part of their agreements with us:


         • My Office • Asos • Geniki Taxidromiki (courier)
         • Yuboto • Public • DHL
         • Google • Moosend • Ergologic
         • Facebook • BestPrice • My Company Projects
         • Link-wise • Skroutz • Epsilon
         • Amazon • Kronos • IqSolutions


  1. If you have any considerations, complaints or questions concerning your personal data protection that you would like to address to the Data Protection Officer of the Company, please contact us by sending your message to We will reply to your questions and considerations within 30 days. You may also report a consideration or submit a complaint to a data protection authority or other official and competent regulatory authorities.
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