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The current Terms of Use lay down –inter alia- the terms and conditions of our website Where reference is made herein in the term “the Company”, it shall mean either separately or/and jointly the Société Anonyme company trading under the name “MIGATO S.A - IMPORTS – EXPORTS SOCIETE ANONYME COMPANY OF FOOTWEAR AND LEATHER GOODS” (with the trading name “MIGATO S.A”) with a Trade Register Number of 121892901000 and a Tax Identification Number (T.I.N.) 094333920 of the Public Tax Office of Piraeus, having its principal operating office at Agios Dimitrios Attikis, 8 Monemvasias Street, as well as it’s subsidiary/related  separate Société Anonyme Company trading under the name “TSIAO SOCIETE ANONYME COMPANY OF FOOTWEAR CLOTHES AND RELATED GOODS” (with the trading name “TSIAO”), with a Trade Register Number of 122190499000 and a Tax Identification Number (T.I.N.) of 095430730 of the Public Tax Office of Piraeus, having it’s principal operating Office at Agios Dimitrios Attikis, 8 Monemvasias Street, as well as any other legal entity related to the aforementioned Companies, that may established in the future.

The is the online store created by the Company. The Company’s head office is based in Agios Dimitrios Attica, (8 Monemvasias Street). The online store operates in the electronic address under the terms and conditions laid down herinto.

Our COMPANY has set as a primary goal the best possible customer service for our clients, who visit the website by establishing a climate of trust among them.

It is crucial for us to properly inform and safeguard our clients, and for that reason we consider ourselves obliged to inform our online visitors/clients about the following terms of use.



The use of the online store is governed by the present terms and conditions, which the users are invited to read carefully and to comply with them. Our COMPANY considers that the users have read carefully and are aware of the terms of use before visiting With the users’ entrance in this website and the use of online store there it is presumed that you have read the terms of use, accept the terms, and waive any claim that may arise from visiting, since the use of implies the explicit and unconditional consent and agreement to these specific terms and conditions. All transactions made through are governed by the Law of the Hellenic Republic and European Law regarding e-commerce, as well as by the Law of Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994) regarding distance sales.

The COMPANY reserves the right to modify or update transactions terms and conditions without any notice, undertaking the obligation to inform consumers via online store’s website or/ and via any other proper means, for any change, modification or addition.

 The nullity of any certain terms herein does not invalidate the rest of the terms and conditions herein. The non-exercise by the COMPANY of the present terms of its rights does not mean that it waives its rights. THE COMPANY is not liable for breach of these terms due to reasons of force majeure, such as extreme weather, earthquakes, floods, fires, emergency situations, etc.


The protection of your Personal Data is very important to us. Recently, we conducted a series of changes, reflecting the growing demands of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”) of the European Union. Our aim is to be as honest and transparent as possible regarding the personal data that we collect, as well as the means of processing of the said Data. Our Company understands and shares your concerns related to your personal data.

The Company trades a significant variety of clothing, footwear and related products via our retail shops as well as our e-shop ( Additionally, we have developed, and it is expected to develop in the future, specific ways of “rewarding” our clients, e.g. “Membership Cards” and/or “Loyalty Cards”. Moreover, this Privacy Statement, describes the types of data which are subjected to Processing by our Company, the way the said data are processed, as well as the purpose of the said processing. Additionally, in this privacy statement, you can find information and details regarding your Personal Data processing related with specific offered services (e.g. Membership and Loyalty Cards) for which, additional and related information are offered.  The current privacy statement, governs every interaction with the Company.

Personal data is data that can be used for the identification of a natural person.

You may be asked to provide personal data in the context of any contact, transaction and -generally- every interaction with our Company and/or with a related legal entity of our Company. The Company, and its affiliates, may share your personal information with each other and use them in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Our Company, may exchange with it’s related legal entities your personal information and use them pursuant to the current Privacy Policy. They also may combine them with other information, in order to provide and improve our products and services as well as the content of the said services and/or the advertisement of our business activity.

Our Company collects data from you, through your interaction with us.  Our intention is to collect only the absolutely necessary Data, which are specific and appropriate for the intended purpose of the collection.

The collection and -generallygenerally- the processing are conducted for different purposes which are described below. Among these goals is our effective operation and also to provide you with the best experiences with our products and services. Certain data are provided directly from you, for example when you create an account in our e-shop, or when you buy a product or contact us.

We rely on various legal grounds and rights (“legal basis”) for the processing of your personal data, such as your consent, our legitimate interests, the necessity of concluding an agreement with you and/or performing our contract obligations to you, as well as our compliance with our legal duties for various purposes described below.

Additionally, we may acquire data from third parties. We protect the data we receive from third parties in accordance with the described practices in this Notice, alongside with the possible additional restrictions enforced by the data provider. For instance, when you purchase our products through Amazon, it is possible that your data to be delivered to us.

When you will be asked to provide your personal data, you can refuse. However, some of our Services and Products, require certain personal data, in order to respond and provide the product or the service. If you choose not to supply your Data which are necessary for the function and the provision of a product or service to you, you will not be able to use this specific product or service. Similarly, in case we are obliged to collect your personal data by law or for the purposes of concluding and performing a contract with you, and you do not provide your personal data, we will be unable to conclude and perform the contract.

You can read more about Privacy by referring to the Personal Data Privacy Statement posted on


A cookie is a small piece of text stored on your device for data retention and they may be recalled from a web server from where it has been installed. We use cookies and similar technologies to save and fullfil your preferences and settings to help you sing up for our services, to prevent fraud, to analyze the competency of our products and other legitimate purposes, as it is described below. uses cookies as part of facilitation and function of our online services, making your next visit and browsing experience easier and more useful to you. Cookies are small pieces of text (text files) send and stored on the user’s computer allowing websites such as to function without any obstructs and technical failures, to collect multiple user’s preferences, to recognize regular users, to facilitate user’s log in and of course for statistical purposes, in order to determine the locations where our online shop services are useful, more popular for marketing reasons. We use cookies to provide you information and complete your orders. You shall keep in mind that cookies are absolutely necessary for the effective and unobstructed function of the website Information stored in our website’s cookies are used exclusively from and partner businesses e.g. Google for statistical purposes. The user may further set up rules on its browser to do not store cookies, either generally or on a case by case basis, or to select automatic deletion of cookies after exiting the website.

You may read further about Cookies and similar technologies by referring to the Personal Data Privacy Statement posted at

CUSTOMER INFORMATION AND TYPE OF PROVIDED INFORMATION is committed to the quality, completeness and validity of the information listed on the site only with respect to the identity of Legally responsible for ordering and shipping the goods is TSIAO SA.


All contents of including images, photographs, graphics, texts and generally all records are intellectual property and trademarks of and the Company and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Hellenic Republic and European law. It is forbidden to copy, modify, alter, model, reproduce, distribute, transmit, sell, republish, send data in any way and any information (in whole or in part) provided on this website by any means or means without the prior written permission of COMPANY .


The pages of the online store allow the visitor / user to use social networking tools that either refer to external pages related to the Company or display relevant information on the profile of the respective user in the corresponding social media networking to choose from. The use of any of the links for social networking add-ons is subject to the terms of use of the network.


Buying Procedure

Our goal is to serve you through a simple, fast, safe and enjoyable transaction process: Navigate to, select the goods you are interested in and wish to buy through the large collection of Add them to the SHOPPING BAG by clicking on the relevant BUTTON ADD TO BAG icon which is unique for any purchase you make during a visit to This way you create your order. Next, follow the steps of the short payment process (CHECK OUT) to finish sending your order, after filling in the required fields. Upon completion of the ordering process you will receive from us an informative e-mail with the confirmation of receipt of your order.

In case you wish to make a phone order you can call us at (+30) 2103002727

Product Availability

If any of the items you ordered are not immediately available, your order might hace some additional time delays, over the normal 5 working days, until the missing item is located in stores.

If any of the items you ordered are found faulty or are no longer in stock for any reason, then the rest of your order will be shipped normally, along with a note with information regarding the partial completion of your order. If there are no other items to be shipped, the whole order is cancelled and you will receive an email with information regarding the order cancellation.

If the order was paid via card or Paypal, the value of the non-shipped items will be refunded via the same means. 


If for any reason you wish to cancel your order after registering it on you should contact our customer service at via e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at (+30) 2103002727