Επιστροφές Καταστημάτων

General Information

If you wish to return an item bought via order on please let us know either by sending us an email at [email protected] or calling us at (+30) 300 27 27, stating:

•    Your order number
          •    Which items out of your order you wish to return
          •    How you want us to proceed upon receiving them

Merchandise returns, exchanges or replacements are accepted within 15 days of the date of receipt of the merchandise, by submission of a written statement. Return of the merchandise to the COMPANY must take place within 15 days of the date of submission of the request for exchange, return or replacement.

The merchandise in the order may be returned, exchanged or replace fully or partially.

The value stated on the purchase receipt shall be taken into consideration for returning, exchanging or replacing the merchandise.

Accessories such as ankle socks, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and other similar items, excepting belts, bags and purses, may not be returned, exchanged or replaced.

In order to be returned, exchanged or replaced, the merchandise must be returned by the customer in exactly the same excellent state in which they were received, intact and without any wear.  The packaging must be the packaging that accompanies the merchandise normally, in excellent condition - with all labels attached.  The merchandise to be returned must be accompanied by the original documents accompanying the order (e.g. Retail Receipt or invoice, exchange card and any promotional gift) in the event of return of all the items in the order, or photocopy of the accompanying documents in the event of return fewer items than those included in the original order. Returned merchandise that does not comply with the above specifications shall not be accepted.

Our company collaborates exclusively with the SPEEDEX courier company for orders within Greece, and with the DHL courier company for international orders. If you choose a different shipper, you must also undertake the cost of returns, and we cannot provide any guarantee as to the delivery times of the items returned to us.  At the same time, we cannot guarantee the safety and security of merchandise returned via other shippers except SPEEDEX and DHL, and we may not undertake responsibility for the merchandise in question.

Return of items that have been delivered within Greece


Return your items at a MIGATO store

You can return an item bought through at any company-owned physical store in Greece and:

Α) exchange it with any item available at the store

Β) get a credit note issue, for the value of the returned items as stated on the receipt


The MIGATO stores where you can exchange or return your online order are:



  • Athens, 1 Ermou St., 10563, tel. (+30) 210-3220149
  • Agia Paraskevi, 25 Agiou Ioannou St., 15342, tel. (+30) 210-608478
  • Agios Dimitrios, Athens Metro Mall, L. Vouliagmenis 276, 17343, tel. (+30) 211-0137496
  • Chalandri, 15 Chaimanta St., 15234, tel. (+30) 210-6896210
  • Egaleo, 221 Ieras Odou, 12241, tel. (+30) 210-5912600
  • Glyfada, 39 Aggelou Metaxa St., 16674, tel. (+30) 210-8948515
  • Koridallos, 65 Taksiarchon St., 18120, tel. (+30) 210-4976504
  • Marousi, 53 Vasilissis Sofias St., 15122, tel. (+30) 210-8060823
  • Marousi, The Mall Athens, 35 Andrea Papandreou St., 15122, tel. (+30) 210-6179059
  • Menidi, 28 Parnithos St., 13673, tel. (+30) 210-2463539
  • Nea Ionia, 322 Irakliou Av., 14231, tel. (+30) 210-2778155
  • Nea Smirni, 5 Konstantinou Paleologou St., 17121, tel. (+30) 210-9373680
  • Peiraias, Vasileos Georgiou B' Av. & 132 Ypsilantou St., 18535, tel. (+30) 210-4133655
  • Peristeri, 18, Thoukydidou St. & Ithomis St., 12134, tel. (+30) 211-0129795


  • Thessaloniki, 25 Tsimiski St. & 18 Komninon St., 54624, tel. (+30) 2310-250716
  • Thessaloniki, 65 Tsimiski St. & 15 Agias Sofias St., 54624, tel. (+30) 2310-281702
  • Thessaloniki, Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessalonikis/Moudanion National Road, 55535, tel. (+30) 2310-475304


  • Chalkida, 52 Avanton St., 34132, tel. (+30) 22210-77260
  • Chania, 17 Stratigoy Tzanakaki st., 73134, tel. (+30) 28211-11107
  • Ioannina, 7 Charilaou Trikoupi St. & 28th Oktovriou St., 45444, tel. (+30) 26510-75017
  • Irakleio, 35 Daidalou St. & Kouriton St., 71202, tel. (+30) 2810-226119
  • Kalamata, 79 Aristomenous St. & Vasilissis Sofias St., 24131, tel. (+30) 2721-94570
  • Katerini, 12 Megalou Alexandrou St., 60133, tel. (+30) 23510-47780
  • Kilkis, 149 21is Iouniou St., 61400, tel. (+30) 23410-75268
  • Korinthos, Pylarinou 40 St., 20100, tel. (+30) 27411-81567
  • Kos, 10 Eleftheriou Venizelou St., 85300, tel. (+30) 22420-24010
  • Lamia, R. Feraiou 16 St , 35100, tel. (+30) 2231-022297
  • Larisa, 13 Asklipiou St., 41222, tel. (+30) 2410-250701
  • Patra, 127 Mezonos St., 26221, tel. (+30) 2610-621080
  • Rhodes, 31 Ethnarchou Makariou St., 85100, tel. (+30) 22410-74441
  • Trikala, 8 Vyronos St., 42100, tel. (+30) 24310-79291
  • Volos, 137 Ermou St., 38221, tel. (+30) 24210-29114


Return your items via courier

In case you wish to return items from your order in exchange for a credit note or to exchange it with another item, shipping within Greece is free, for the first return.

If you wish to return it for a second or any subsequent time, then you are charged 4€ for every change, which is charged via the pay-on-delivery method when the courier delivers your requested items.

The return procedure is as follows:

  • After you submit your return request via email or via phone, the customer service notifies the courier service to pick up the item from your address and to deliver them at our warehouse.
  • After we receive your return and run our quality control, the customer service will proceed with the action you requested.

Only if you use your withdrawal right and ask for money back, then you are responsible for the charge of the item to be returned to our warehouse via courier.


1) Return for an exchange in size/colour/style

If you wish to return an item and receive a different one (other size/colour/style) then returns are free of charge within Greece, for the first return. For every subsequent return after the first one, you will be charged 4€.

We do not guarantee the availability of the merchandise as regards the size or colour that you have noted in the return form. The replacement merchandise shall be committed when we receive the returned merchandise and not when the return request is sent.

If there is a value difference between the items returned and the items requested as an exchange, this is handled as follows:

-       If the value of the new items exceeds this of the returned items, then you pay the balance via pay-on-delivery service.

-       If the value of the returned items exceed this of the new items, then we will include a credit note of equal value inside your parcel.

2) Return in exchange of a credit note

You can return an item and in exchange receive a credit note that can be used either on a future order or on a purchase made at a physical MIGATO shop, within one year of its issue date.

In this case, returns are free of charge within Greece and the credit note is sent to you via courier service, free of charge.

3) Dispatch of defective merchandise or erroneous invoicing

After contacting us via email regarding your return and as soon as we receive the merchandise that you are returning to us (and having examined it in detail in order to confirm the defect), you shall be informed in due time by the customer service department of about whether you are entitled (or not) to replacement of the merchandise.

In case of return, change or replacement of merchandise due to dispatch of defective merchandise, the return of defective and dispatch of new merchandise is free of charge for the customer.

4) Withdrawal

If you wish to use your withdrawal right and ask for money back, then you are responsible for the charge of the item to be returned to our warehouse via courier.

You may exercise the right of withdrawal within fifteen (15) days at the latest from the date your order was delivered to you via the courier service.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal is conditional; the product shall not have been used, it shall be in the perfect condition that it was received, without ware and tear, with no defect (with reserve to the return of a defective product), complete, in its packaging, and shall be accompanied by all the necessary documents.

The procedure for return of the money shall be carried out using the same payment method (credit card, Paypal, or through a deposit in a bank account stated by you, if the purchase was made using the ‘cash on delivery’ payment method) and shall be completed within fifteen (15) days at the latest from the date of receipt of all returned merchandise by The amount will be credited to your account after deducting the 3 € return cost. Once the process is completed we will inform you via email.

All merchandise that has been purchased online from may be replaced, exchanged or returned only to, to the following address: DIAS S.A., THESI SXINEZA ASPROPYRGOU, 19300 ASPROPYRGOS ATTIKIS. Tel. (+30) 2105552021. For this reason, using regular postal service is not an acceptable way to return merchandise.


Return of items that have been delivered out of Greece

For orders that have been carried out to countries other than Greece, the shipping costs for the return of the merchandise fall upon the customer.

Refunds will be payable with the same payment method that was chosen during the purchase.

Items to be returned should be delivered to the following address: DIAS S.A., THESI SXINEZA ASPROPYRGOU, 19300 ASPROPYRGOS ATTIKIS. Tel. (+30) 2105552021. For this reason, using regular postal service is not an acceptable way to return merchandise.

In cases of erroneous invoicing or erroneous dispatch of merchandise, and also proven cases of dispatch of defective merchandise, the return shipping costs fall upon MIGATO. In such cases, the cost of return is credited to your bank account upon receipt of the merchandise returned to us (having examined the merchandise carefully in order to confirm the defect or erroneous invoicing/dispatch).