Business opportunities

Each business partner of MIGATO is actually a member of a team sharing common vision and principles

All of us, the people of MIGATO, are working everyday by setting goals and investing in business relationships that last in time. Our business relations are distinguished from their integrity, mutual trust and endless mood for creation, always by embracing the same ambitions and vision.

The business profile of our investors/partners is perfectly clear. We are looking for experienced and dedicated business partners interested in sharing a fascinating business future with us!



MIGATO is a company marking its 30 years of presence in the fashion industry by outstanding and rapid growth, domestically and abroad. The large shop network along with the numerous business partners, in Greece and abroad, stands as a comparative advantage against a highly competitive and demanding retail market.

What comes to prove this successful and acknowledged business concept is the establishment of MIGATO’s shops in big markets such as Australia, Egypt, Cyprus, Kosovo, South Africa, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and U.A.E countries. In addition, remarkable are our collaborations on a wholesale basis in several countries from all continents, through which we have built a stable export channel which is helping to make our Brand even more globalized and powerful.

MIGATO treats each business partner and investor with integrity and professionalism. Support and mutual trust are the foundations for business relationships leading to success and further growth. Each collaboration stands for our company as a unique and precious bond.

Through strategic means and well studied actions, we give solutions to our partners in order to maintain a relationship of mutual benefit and evolution. The long experience and competency of MIGATO’s executives are always available to our partners, contributing to the success of their business.

Our business partners feel confident for every step they take, from the support our company provides. Each season the collections are punctually setup and delivered to our business partners, no matter how close or far they are. The newest and most commercial styles, the quality and the pricing policy constitute the creation of a product mix which reaches all our shops. With the proper scheduling and care of MIGATO’s people, every business partner has all the right ingredients for maximizing his sales, since that is what counts at the end of the day.

MIGATO Retail Network

The most important point for the opening of a new Migato shop is the right location. Our policy is that the MIGATO shops are located in the heart of traffic, either on high streets or in Malls with high visitor traffic.

Special corners in department stores

ΜΙGATO has strong presence in several department stores both in Greece and abroad. The MIGATO corners (shop in shops), which are actually a smaller picture of our real shops, offer special selected styles from our wider collection, making modern and quality styling suggestions.

The in-house architectural department of our company is in charge of the perfect adaptation of MIGATO’s Shop concept in these corners, so that the similarity is maintained among the different selling points.


Selecting certain product categories MIGATO

An alternative way collaborating with our company is by having the range of flip flops / slippers in your shop. This product category can stand alone as a business choice, since it is a complete accessory proposal, either inside MIGATO shops or in Department Stores, Super Markets, Gift Shops etc.

The big variety in styles and colors, along with their exceptional prices, offer the advantage of choices to the consumers and create the opportunity for further growth and increase of your turnover.

By enriching your shop with MIGATO products, you offer complete solutions for the everyday appearance of the consumer; the selling basket is fuller along with the more choices you are offering. This means that the selling of our products could take place independently and become one more profit wise choice running as a supplementary sale along with other Brands of apparel, footwear and accessories you carry already in your shop.

By selecting MIGATO styles, you expand the product range you are offering to your customers and at the same time strengthen the business image of your shop by dignifying prestige and reliability.