Wear the western trend the cool way

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Wear the western trend the cool way
Wear the western trend the cool way
09 November 2018

Shoes and accessories inspired by the western trends have been floating on the runways during Spring and Summer of 2018. Cowboy boots and western styled shoulder bags presented the most lavishly alluring manifestation of the preeminent Western fashion.

A full on cowboy can be a bit of a daunting appearance, however, complementing your own style with a touch of Western fashion can actually look uber cool.

90ZPT08 tampa psilotakouno mpotaki 2

Black high heel bootie 90ZPT08-L14

Contrary to what most might think, it actually looks really fashion-forward mixing the Western trend with something contemporary and complementary such as denim. 

_c western mpotaki me trouks kai xontro takouni 1

Black western bootie with studs DH8862-L14

You just have to incorporate one element that will point out to this trend. For example boots are a very important part of any Western look. Several renowned brands, MIGATO included, have recently made restatements on cowboy boots. This has made it really convenient to find a pair that does not look corny and actually allows you to feel chic and trendy.

You can easily pair Western inspired boots or backbags with wide-leg jeans or a cute dress.

_YD550-L12 kafe sakidio platis 2

Brown backpack with a flap YD550-L12

You can highlight a total black look or a jeans and white shirt combo with a red suede bag with fringes. 

EF15-L09 mpornto tsanta me konto louraki kai krosia 1

Burgundy shoulder bag with fringes EF15-L09

This year’s cowgirl is effortlessly slick and polished. The trick is not to wear more than two pieces at a time, or stick to accessories if it’s too much for you. Give it a go and it may just become your latest favourite trend!

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