Upgrade your style in animal print

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Upgrade your style in animal print
Upgrade your style in animal print
01 November 2018

Sometimes what every woman needs is an elegant animal print bag to complete her outfit. Animal prints have always been considered a classic and will be one of those trends that never go away. They come is a variety of colors, styles and textures too. If you intend to incorporate a few prints, here are a few that shouldn’t miss in your wardrobe:

If you want to make a classy statement, a shoulder bag with embossed leopard print will do it for you. This style has always been popular and is commonly found in purses and clutch bags. You can mix it up in a gold- or black colored hardware and is a chic way to style a casual outfit. Leopard prints are stunning prints that you can showcased nicely on bags without looking awkward or out of style. The print is subtle and elegant at the same time. Leopard prints are fantastic and give a striking look when matched with gold.

Leopard print bags come in all shapes and sizes. You can opt for a leopard print hobo bag or backpack if you are looking for the extra space. Its aesthetics are pleasing and you will have a lot of space to throw in a few items you need when out.

Λεοπάρ τσάντα hobo με υφή γούνας DS009-L14

Leopard faux fur hobo bag DS009-L14  Black western bootie 70RGT08-L14

Another animal print similar to leopard is cheetah. If you settle for this type of print, be a minimalist with the rest of the outfit and accessories. Avoid pairing it with too many colors and other prints. A cheetah print bag is chic and you can rock it in the office, on casual errands or when out on a dressy affair. Its striking details on the print itself is what makes it so unique and adds the wow factor to the bag and then of course to your outfit.

Classic animal prints such as cheetah and leopard and tiger are unbeatable in their wonderfully different shades of yellow and brown. Some are darker and more profound and others light. The difference and mix of colors and textures make them even more interesting by adding dimension to their look.
 Tσάντα χειρός λεοπάρ BN0110-L14

Handbag with animal print BN0110-L14

There’s no doubt that animal print bags get the attention they need. So if you want to stand out, choose the right outfit and match it with animal print bag. If you’re uncertain of your choice, simply experiment a little. Start small and try different styles, colors until you find the one that will make you look trendy and gorgeous!

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