Take a mountain hike in style

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Take a mountain hike in style
Take a mountain hike in style
06 February 2019

It’s always hard to find the perfect outfit that is both fashionable and functional when going on a hike. While some say you shouldn’t compromise function for fashion, we are here to tell you that you can have the best of both worlds and here’s how:

1. Get some booties

Not just any! Go for chic, glam boots with a hint of edgy style.Your training shoes are not hiking boots! Such shoes can easily tear and wear out because of the extra friction and rough terrain. Most women’s booties are appropriate hiking shoes because they are made using resilient material that helps on rough terrain and they can be worn every day. If you’re going to come down that mountain in perfect feet, then proper hiking boots are essential. 

You don’t have to be scared of spending on such boots as they can still be worn anywhere and with anything as a fashion statement. The best type of boots for women is ankle boots as these are often made from hard material, and they rarely cause blisters.

MIGATO XN1045-L45 booties and AS656-L14 backpack

MIGATO XN1045-L45 metallic booties and MIGATO AS656-L14 backpack

With so many styles available you can find booties that are studded, booties that are scrappy, and even booties with a metallic finish. Can’t get more fashionable than that!

2. Get the right bag

Now that we got the right pair of statement booties, it’s time to focus on the accessories.The duration of your hike will determine how far off the fashion grid you’ll be going when it comes to choosing a bag. If you’re planning on spending a few hours outside, then you can carry any bag you want as long as it can hold your essentials and looks good on you.

MIGATO SS0005-L12 brown army boots and MIGATO YD9016-L14 graphic backpack

MIGATO SS0005-L12 brown army boots and MIGATO YD9016-L14 graphic backpack

If you’re going on a long hike, then it’s functionality over style. The furthest you can go when it comes to choosing something stylish is getting a backpack that matches your clothes. Why not go with a patent leather backpack? Or perhaps a studded or embroidered one? Just like the booties, there are numerous options to find a chic backpack that will compliment your style.

3. Don’t be scared to accessorize

Accessories are more necessary than most people think. You can add to your outfit by wearing a hat to protect you from the sun rays and to hold your hair in place. You could also tie a colorful bandana to give off a hippie vibe. However, this only applies to short hikes.
If you ’re going far up, then a uber stylish backpack would be more appropriate since it will fit all the essentials you need.

MIGATO MD7310-L14 black booties and MIGATO AS639-L45 metallic pewter backpack

MIGATO MD7310-L14 black booties and MIGATO AS639-L45 metallic pewter backpack

Now that you have all the essentials in place, what about clothing? Simple sportswear or even special hiking clothes can look amazing when styled with the right boots and accessories. Don’t be afraid to look a little extra on your next hiking trip. A little glitz and glam can go a long way!

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