Style your Denim!

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Style your Denim!
Style your Denim!
10 March 2016

If there’s one piece that’s not missing from a woman’s everyday life, that’s her favourite pair of jeans. You can pair it with almost everything in your wardrobe and it can be worn with great success from fashionistas all over the world, in their everyday casual looks but for their formal too.

  • Do you wish to bring a whole new look to your morning outfits? Wear your favourite jeans with a different way by choosing a pair of brogues. They might seem very peculiar, but they are undoubtedly very comfy and trendy! The tobacco XN243 brogues with the white track sole, will add a new touch to your casual look, using the shoe’s androgynous elements paired with some edginess. Add some contrast with a royal blue bag, like the AP3695 shoulder bag, a pendant gold necklace and a belt matching the colour of the shoes.
  • How many times do we find ourselves in the familiar crisis of “I have nothing to wear”, while the need to leave the house is extremely urgent? A lot! Nothing suits us and nothing fits well. The safest solution is to wear our favorite pair of jeans, that makes us feel fearless, combined with amazing accessories. For example, a pair of bright red shoes, like the multi strapped DF3343, will flatter your feet, making you look taller. Add a long pendant necklace, an also red belt and a special clutch you have just created the ultimate formal, but spring look!

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