Shine Bright Like A Diamond In Glitter And Rhinestones

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Shine Bright Like A Diamond In Glitter And Rhinestones
Shine Bright Like A Diamond In Glitter And Rhinestones
18 December 2018

It’s the holiday season, also known as the perfect time to be a little extra. This joyous season you can pull off anything you can imagine: high heel boots covered in glitter and pair that with an over the top little clutch embroidered with rhinestones in one look. And no one will judge you! You can be as extra and fabulous as you want for the holidays. So don’t limit yourself with boring clothes and accessories.

LSM2131-L45 atsali psilotakounes goves YD1762-L15 gkri veloudino tsantaki

Pewter pointy pump LSM2131-L45Grey velvet shoulder bag YD1762-L15

When choosing what to wear for your next party. It’s Christmas time! You can finally spice up your looks with beautiful glittery pumps and create a bold outfit. The best thing about festive footwear is that it can make even the most boring dress look sexy and appealing.

Looking for something for your outdoor parties? High heel booties are an excellent choice. Boots will not let you freeze in the chilly temperatures. Plus, they will make you look fabulous.

Pewter metallic shinny glitter boot ST1616-L17

Pewter metallic shinny glitter boot ST1616-L17Pewter metallic envelope Y1114-L45

If you’re considering the little black dress, pair it with marvelous black booties adorned with rhinestones and voila! Here is your festive outfit!

If you’re willing to go an extra mile, you can pull of Arianna Grande’s scene look and wear silver glittery high heel boots. We bet you will get all the attention and become a true star of the party.

CMI12-L14 2 copy mavro mpotaki me petres

Black high heel bootie with rhinestones CMI12-L14

If shoes aren’t your thing (despite the freezing cold), you can go for high heel sandals. Elegant and feminine, high heel sandals with rhinestones will look great on your feet and with almost any dress or suit. They are the epitome of sophistication, tender and especially appealing in the winter because they show a little bit more skin. So treat everyone with the sight of your beautiful legs!

UB76-L14 mavro veloudino tsantaki WN254-L14  mavro tsantaki me petres

Black velvet envelope UB76-L14Black shoulder bag with rhinestones WN254-L14

Finish off you look with a dazzling clutch. Nothing looks more festive than a gorgeous bejeweled bag. It is more than just a bag for you to keep your things in. It is a beautiful accessory that will help you complete your look. And if you want to shine brighter than the Christmas tree itself, get yourself a silver clutch with glitter. It will be a cherry on top of your wonderful party look

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