MIGATO shoes for your godchild!

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MIGATO shoes for your godchild!
MIGATO shoes for your godchild!
20 April 2016

The celebratory Easter season is only a week away and if you're a godmother or a godfather and you haven't finished your easter shopping, then you might be looking for the perfect gift for your godchild. MIGATO's kids summer collection will be the perfect solution for boys' and girls' shoes, that you will completely adore! So they will too! 

  • Are you the most fashionable godmother out there? Choose the silver metallic BF6621 espadrilles for you and the ER511 similar ones for your godchild. Are you ready for fashionable summer steps?
  • Are you into bold colours and contrasts? Choose the comfortable orange DF0018 flatforms for you and for your little godchild, choose the TX09 textile espadrilles. Are you ready for a big statement?
  • Are you more of a classic guy? Choose the blue HS657 suede moccasins for you and the blue  RL762 sandals for your godchild and create amazing looks together!
  • Are you among the sporty types? Buy a pair of sneakers, like the JS274 tobacco ones and for your beloved godchild, a pair of beige sandals, like the ER815 ones for lots of long walks.
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