“Tales of an Eternal Summer"

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“Tales of an Eternal Summer"
“Tales of an Eternal Summer"
30 March 2015

Titled «Tales of an Eternal Summer» MIGATO’s latest fashion photoshoot is a natural continuation of last season’s campaign, characterized by the clean & fresh style created with the help of the strong Mediterranean light. 

The campaign’s concept is based around the intensely passionate relationship between a modern couple, with independent and authentic style. 

The MIGATO woman and man are two strong, dynamic individuals, which together create an explosive erotic union, magnetizing the lens.

MIGATO’s collaboration with acknowledged photographer and fashion creative Tasos Sofroniou continues into this season. 

On top of the campaign’s creative concept, Tasos and his team are behind the shooting, teaser and backstage video, as well as the collection’s lookbook in the style of a fashion magazine, while well-known hair stylist Vasilis Stratigos created all hair & make-up looks.

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