Glam Up With Metallics This Holiday Season

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Glam Up With Metallics This Holiday Season
Glam Up With Metallics This Holiday Season
10 December 2018

What’s you winter fashion goals this year? With holiday bells ringing anytime soon, it’s probably time to indulge in some metallic fashion and leave that jazzy statement everywhere possible. As they say: being on the pulse of what’s trending is often the way to go. It’s true. Metal is now the chicest and dapper most edition, everywhere from the wardrobes to mainstream fashion runways, more than ever.

Want to go from drab to fab? Grab your shimmery silver shoulder dusters or that dazzling clutch next time you are going out. From profession to recreation, metal fashion is now a styling need for even occasion.
In fact, if you want to highlight your look for this chilly winter holiday, the best way to go is by completing the look with some metallics as these kinds of accessories can instantly level-up your statement with even the most subtle shimmers.

So, if you are still wondering how to be Christmas ready this year without resembling anything like Christmas tree ornaments, here are a few cream picks from the palette just for a gleaming you. Go gal!

High heels will never ever go out of fashion. Whether they are your golden pumps, sequinned stilettos or shivering studded sandals, they can spice up any winter party outfit like no other. Make sure you choose the right height. A narrow fit indigo blue pair of jeans will go fab with your metal coloured pumps , while a long solid skirt will look really smart with a sparkling stiletto.

LSM3212-L18 2 xryso metalliko psilotakouno mpotaki

Gold metallic high heel bootie LSM3212-L18

Over the knee boots:
If you are already smitten with over the knee boots, dabbling your feet in those thigh high pairs blanketed with sparkling shine can take it to the next level. Guess what? Strut your stuff and get heads turning!

Ankle boots:
If you are a big fan of booties, you already know how these high-key accessories can add perks to your fashion statement. They are just so feminine.

XN8206-L45 atsali metalliko psilotakouno mpotaki

Pewter high heel bootie XN8206-L45

Wear a narrow of snug fit pair of jeans that are ripped or leather trousers and a cute high neck top, and finish the look with a pair of sexy metallic high heel booties. You are more than just done for your winter party. These babies can take you from day to night.

Carrying a gold metallic clutch bag is a great way to light up any winter evening. Whether it’s an after office wine party, a pre Christmas friendly gathering or just a warm coffee date with your partner, you can flaunt in any color dress and team it up with leathery shimmery high heel pumps to walk in style.

Dazzling Accessories:
In love with bedazzled pieces? Bags and small purses with dazzling jewel stones are probably the girliest thing ever and they are going to glam up your holiday hookups more than anything else. Put your bombard jacket on and daunt your fancy dress with a beautiful bag with. Glamorous gemstones, you have never probably looked that bold and gaudy.

Going out in a big laced up gown? Pick a stone choker as the overdose of sparkle that will compliment your elegant outfit and give you a feminine finish.

Shoulder Bags:
Satchels, totes and shoulder bags are the big things this season, any season. They can not only pack your daily essentials, but add volumes to your fashion statement. However, if you want to match your accessory with the holiday flavour, go metallics.

Pick any low-key basics in neutral, pastel or monochromatic shades and set a perfect contrast with your dazzling career. You will not only get noticed for your #OOTD, but hear more compliments than ever.

In a nutshell, you can go ultra gleaming this season if you have chosen the right metal-shining accessory for yourself. These are eyeshadows, watches, clutches and even stockings that can add that extra shine to your get up and lift up the holiday spirit effortlessly. A little golden or silver touch on your skirts, scarves, cardigans or even in your mobile back covers can turn heads in the full crowd. And when it comes to partying in full throttle, don’t forget to add a little shine to your hair and nails too. So, go all out with your metal love and stay winter chic.

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