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Get your backpack!
22 March 2016

It's no secret that backpacks are back on the top picks of the fashionistas. We may be used to seeing boring backpacks for athletic or hipster guys, but the facts have changed. Forget all about traditional monochromatic backpacks and let's give a warm welcome to the new backpacks. They are modern, they are colourful, they are small, they are big and they suit to everyone's style! 

  • Searching for a school or university backpack? Get a spacious one, that will fit all of your books, in the most perfect summer shade, like this one.
  • Are you more of an excursion type? Find a boho backpack with an ethnic print, perfect for long walks.
  • Want to upgrade your everyday looks? Find the perfect backpack for you, with a snakeskin or woven surface!
  • Going for a glam night out, but you wish your bag was smaller? Get a smaller backpack with a boho touch or an uber futuristic one!
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