Get the MIGATO look: How to wear overalls and jumpsuits

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Get the MIGATO look: How to wear overalls and jumpsuits
Get the MIGATO look: How to wear overalls and jumpsuits
12 July 2018

This summer, be bold and try the season's key fashion trend, overalls and jumpsuits!

Don't know how to wear them? We show you 3 different key outfits, so you can experiment without fear.

1. Casual look with denim overalls

The temperature might be quite high, but that doesn't mean you have to part with your favourite denim looks. A pair denim overalls in boyfriend fit is comfortable, it's made of cotton so it keeps you cool and you can even try wearing it on its own, without a top underneath, for a more daring look!

Denim is undoubtedly one of the easiest fabrics to style. We chose to pair it with a comfortable flatform sandal embellished with ribbon and crystals in beige and red, which look great against the light blue denim, like the MIGATO HW240-L0P cross-strapped flatform sandals.

Complete your look with a roomy shoulder bag, like the MIGATO AP4310-L0H taupe shoulder bag.

Nude πλατφόρμα με πέτρες HW240-L0P MIGATO AP4310-L0H taupe τσάντα hobo
MIGATO HW240-L0P cross-strapped flatform sandals MIGATO AP4310-L0H taupe shoulder bag

2. Chic colourblock look with green jumpsuit

The colourblock trend has been hot for several seasons now and it looks like it's here to stay!

Choose an unconventional colour - like emerald green - and pair it with accessories in black straw and woven textures, that keep them summery despite their colour.

We chose the MIGATO L17913-L14 black woven wedges combined with the MIGATO GF192-L14 black straw shoulder bag embelished with crystal cherries.

MIGATO L17913-L14 μαύρη πλεκτή πλατφόρμα MIGATO GF192-L14 μαύρο ψάθινο τσαντάκι ώμου
MIGATO L17913-L14 black woven wedges MIGATO GF192-L14 black straw shoulder bag

3. Aetheral look with loose nude jumpsuit

For the most elegant night look, choose an aetheral wide-legged jumpsuit in pink-nude. It's the perfect οutfit for nights on the Greek islands, as you won't mind the air blowing skirts away!

Powder pink look amazing paired with gold shoes and accessories, like the MIGATO LSM104-L18 gold woven sandals and the MIGATO WN2011-L18 gold clutch bag with studs..

MIGATO LSM104-L18 ροζ πλεκτό πέδιλο MIGATO WN2011-L18 χρυσός φάκελος με τρουκς
MIGATO LSM104-L18 gold woven sandals MIGATO WN2011-L18 gold clutch bag with studs

Watch the video with fashion tips on how to wear overalls and jumpsuits here:

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