MIGATO Grecious Collection

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MIGATO Grecious Collection
MIGATO Grecious Collection
12 June 2017

This summer, MIGATO presents the Grecious Collection, a new leather sandals line, designed in Grecian style and made in Greece.

Inspired by ancient greek art, the MIGATO Grecious Collection designs are adorned with plaids, discreet metal studs and earthly duotones of black-on-tobacco leather, inspired by ancient greek black figure pottery.

Pink gold Grecious sandal

Beige Grecious sandal

Beige black Grecious sandal 

The name of the collection is a play of words among Greece and gracious, symbolizing their greek origin, as well as their graceful design.

Black Grecious sandal

Beige black Grecious sandal

Gold Grecious sandal 

Amalia Gatou, the Creative Director of MIGATO, states: “As a greek company with multi-year experience in footwear and accessories, the MIGATO Grecious line is a natural evolvement of our collections. We are very happy and proud that this season, our dream becomes a reality and allows us to showcase our creativity, as well as the craftmanship of Greek shoe artisans.

Discover the MIGATO Grecious Collection here!

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