Celebrities wearing flats!

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Celebrities wearing flats!
Celebrities wearing flats!
20 January 2016

Greek celebrities are being impressive when wearing their flat MIGATO shoes too! We have put together our favourite looks in order to draw some inspiration. You copy their looks and upgrade your everyday outfits. 

    • Sweetheart, Laura Narjes visited our store in The Mall Athens and tries on our #MIGATO XN1565M over-the-knee boots with track sole. See our complete flat boot collection here.
    • Athina Oikonomakou, taking a break from her everyday routine, admiring the warm sun with her #MIGATO ES0934 black patent chelsea boots. Get them here
    • Katerina Karavatou, having a blissful moment at the park with her #MIGATO VG5831 boots with chain and gold detail on the heel. See our complete flat boot collection here. 
    • Doretta Papadimitriou having some time with positive future thinking, wearing her #MIGATO XN1566 strappy biker boots. You can find them here.

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