Wardrobe Must Haves Casual Boots and High Heel Booties

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Wardrobe Must Haves Casual Boots and High Heel Booties
Wardrobe Must Haves Casual Boots and High Heel Booties
26 November 2018

The drop of the temperature means cozy outfits are out. A boot is the preferred type of footwear due to their comfy and warm nature. In addition to their practicality, their style complements the choice of clothing during the season.

It is important to invest in good warm boots. Whether you have preference over high-heeled booties, those that go above the ankle, or even casual boots, you can easily get a good choice for the winter. It is therefore also important to get a good outfit that can combine well with the boots you opt for (or vice versa), such that you are able to get a beautiful and elegant look.

Obtaining a perfect look from boots is actually quite easy and simple as there are numerous types with different shapes, styles and materials to choose from in the market. The casual boots and high-heeled booties have always been popular choices. High-heel booties compliment most outfits and even go very well with casual looks such as jeans, but also look fabulous with shorts and skirts. Casual boots, on the other hand, are everyone’s go-to type of winter shoe due to their comfort and because you can take them from day to night.

Black elastic boot LSM2310-L14

Black elastic boot LSM2310-L14

Choosing the right Boots for the Occasion

Whether you want boots for a fashion wear or just a normal wear to keep warm, you can easily get the perfect pair for whichever occasion you want. For instance:

Black riding boot with buckle CR864-L14

Black riding boot with buckle CR864-L14

Fearless with a Dress

Women have stayed away from wearing boots with dresses. There has been a perception of a boot being too casual to wear with a dress. While most of it is true, there are dresses out there that go perfectly with boots. Keep it simple with a pair of flat neutral colored boots matched with a sweater dress and some sleek tights to show off a cute yet comfortable look.

Black matte boot RN906-L14

Black matte boot RN906-L14  |  Black bucket bag BL227-L14

The Go -To Combo

Jeans make the best bootie pairings hands down. These cute boots are made to be seen so don’t hide them underneath your hem. Instead, partner them with skinny jeans, or roll up your cuffs to show them off. Tucking longer hems right into the booties make for a long, sleek line. Just make sure you’re smoothing out any bunches when you tuck them in. 

Black suede bootie CHD6131-L14

Black suede bootie CHD6131-L14

Try Casual with a bit of edginess

Over the last couple of years, casual combat boots have grown in popularity due to its versatility and ruggedness. Luckily for us, the rules that stipulate what shoes you can wear with your outfit is long gone.

Black high heel bootie OD827-L14

Black high heel bootie OD827-L14   |  Black shoulder bag with studs BL201-L14

For the stylish career #bossbabe

If you are headed to work, you can also choose to wear boots, rather than flat shoes to match a good dressing combination. The high-heeled booties can work perfectly with a pencil dress or tailored suit. You can also opt for the casual boots that just reach under the ankle if you prefer trousers. Either way, you will get the job done but also look very stylish.

Casual boots and high heeled booties are the two types of winter footwear every woman needs to have in her wardrobe. Whether you’re commuting to the office or enjoying a weekend getaway, they are always a stylish and comfortable choice. Whether you are on the go or relaxing with friends, you’ll be doing it in style.

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