Vicky Kaya is the new brand ambassador of Migato

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Vicky Kaya is the new brand ambassador of Migato
Vicky Kaya is the new brand ambassador of Migato
28 May 2019

MIGATO announces collaboration with the greek top model, tv presenter and fashion expert Vicky Kaya. Vicky Kaya is the new brand ambassador starring in the Spring/Summer 2019 campaign. 

Vicky Kaya is a #migatolover

Vicky Kaya is starring in a minimal set with her unique style, using as props just the company's renowned colours and MIGATO's logo. 

vicky kaya brand ambassador

Vicky Kaya comments on the MIGATO collaboration

Vicky Kaya in a summer mood is feeling more refreshed than ever, dancing around, posing in front of the company's letter stands, wearing her favorite MIGATO shoes and claiming in her own way that she is a #migatolover. 

"Fashion to me has always been an inspiration and a way of living. MIGATO is a greek company with a family id and an international presence, daring to innovate via fashion statements. I am feeling excited for this collaboration with MIGATO, as it is a brand I always felt fond of", Vicky Kaya commented. 

This collaboration with Vicky Kaya and MIGATO is part of the brand's era of refreshment, based on the quality and the extroversion. Amalia Gatou, creative director of MIGATO, stated that: "The ethos, the professionalism, the sense of style and the entrepreneurial culture of Vicky Kaya, are the reasons why we selected her as our brand ambassador. All the above share our core values. Her dynamic characteristics, her finesse and her charm inspire contemporary women. We are enthusiastic for this collaboration, which hopefully will vigorously excite our customers as well!"

vicky kaya brand ambassadorΗ

Vicky Kaya has a brilliant career in the fashion industry, walking for numerous catwalks, being part of renowned fashion and beauty campaigns around the world. She is also a successful entrepreneur, founder of the Fashion Workshop fashion school of Athens, whilst through her following tv presence the past years, Vicky Kaya has emerged as one of the most lovable greek fashion influencers. 

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vicky kaya brand ambassador

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