5 reasons why you need white shoes now!

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5 reasons why you need white shoes now!
5 reasons why you need white shoes now!
14 November 2018

Winter is almost here! So it’s time to treat your cold weather wardrobe with a cute pair of gorgeous white boots. Most people tend too think that only fashionistas can pull off the white boots look but hey, great news is anyone can. You just have to know how to style them. Here’s why you should definitely give them a try and at least own a pair in your wardrobe:

They are versatile
Having a pair of shoes that limits you on what to wear can be a pain. A pair of white shoes or booties will go well with any outfit! You want to rock them in some jeans? No problem! Skirts? Great! Crazy prints? Awesome! You can basically pair them with anything. You won’t have to worry about colours or texture. They blend in well with everything adding a tone of sophistication to your look.

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White patent high heel bootie ST1611-L13Black shoulder bag with studs AS660-L14 

They are perennial
We all know that fashion comes and goes. Which sometimes can be a good thing. There are some trends that should just go away right?! Thankfully white shoes are one of the long lasting trends that can be worn throughout the year during any season. White ( just like black ) is timeless and will always trend.

They are best for transitioning
You can wear white booties ( and pumps as well) to transition between seasons and still look fashion forward ( and not awkward ). They’re great to wear with your fall layering and heavy winter outfits and look cool in the spring and summer with your light dresses.

They can also act as a statement piece
For every outfit to get the attention it needs, the statement piece has to be chosen wisely . But who said statement pieces have to be flashy and bright? They might be understated but white shoes are among the best statement pieces ever. They are clean, simple, beautiful and sophisticated. If you think about it, when it comes to sophistication less is actually more.

They add the cool factor to simple outfits
If you are not a fan of dressing up, or don’t have the energy (or time) to spend stressing about what to wear, then you definitely a pair of white pumps in your wardrobe. You might even not be the most fashion conscious person in the world , but these shoes will make you look like a fashion guru. Simply picture this: you in a pair os jeans and t-shirt with some cute white pumps; how different is that from what supermodels wear on their “ off-duty” days?

Pump in white patent GW1722-L13 

White shoes and boots come in various styles and heel heights, all you have to so is choose what you’re most comfortable in. Just make sure you own a pair this season!

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